February 05, 2022

Ribbon of Darkness

 This song has been percolating happily in my headspace for a good month or two now. From a 2003 tribute to Gordon Lightfoot, here's the great Bruce Cockburn with a submlime take on Gord's "Ribbon of Darkness."


  1. Hello! I know this is an incredibly long shot, but I found this blog while following a link for Ryan Bingham live in Munich. I was looking for his show from 2019, but the link I followed was posted some time in 2011!

    Is there any way you could post a download link for that show? Or any others you might have by Ryan?

    Thank you for your time!!

    1. hi! i can repost it, sure.. not sure if you'll see this.. but i'll update with a link soon.

    2. Here you go...