August 07, 2021

11 Past the Hour

Another spellbinding few minutes of music, this time courtesy of Irish singer Imelda May. Silky smooth, effortless and beautiful, the tune has a dreamlike, gliding quality that hits me in just the right place.

Imelda hit my radar about 10 years back when I saw her on Later with Jools Holland (singing "Johnny Got a Boom Boom"). At that time she was married to British rockabilly guitarist Darrell Higham, who played a bit with Jeff Beck. She definitely had that retro, throwback vibe at the time. Which leads me also to this question - have you heard Jeff Beck's version of "Lilac Wine," featuring Imelda? Oof.. take the time to listen to it as well.

But I digress. Click Play, close your eyes, and enjoy the beautiful voice of Imelda May (with the sweeping, impressive production of "Budapest" producer Cam Blackwood). 


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