August 07, 2021

11 Past the Hour

Another spellbinding few minutes of music, this time courtesy of Irish singer Imelda May. Silky smooth, effortless and beautiful, the tune has a dreamlike, gliding quality that hits me in just the right place.

Imelda hit my radar about 10 years back when I saw her on Later with Jools Holland (singing "Johnny Got a Boom Boom"). At that time she was married to British rockabilly guitarist Darrell Higham, who played a bit with Jeff Beck. She definitely had that retro, throwback vibe at the time. Which leads me also to this question - have you heard Jeff Beck's version of "Lilac Wine," featuring Imelda? Oof.. take the time to listen to it as well.

But I digress. Click Play, close your eyes, and enjoy the beautiful voice of Imelda May (with the sweeping, impressive production of "Budapest" producer Cam Blackwood). 


June 05, 2021

When black midi comes to town

Always a treat to come across multi-talented new bands. black midi are young UK guys in their late teens / early 20’s who sound years ahead of their time. I bought this record after hearing “John L.” once and simply looking at this awesome album cover. Lots to discover here. Lots going on.

“John L” is the first song on this cool KEXP At Home performance.