March 18, 2022

Leif Vollebekk comes to Phoenix

 Since discovering Leif's music a few years back, I've looked forward to the day I'd see him live. Last night, St. Patrick's Day 2022, was the night. Leif is back on a big tour, and thankfully he was booked into a cool small Phoenix club called Valley Bar - a speakeasy style venue that's accessible from a downtown  back alley off Central Avenue, down a flight of stairs. Really cool vibe. 

Leif hails from Montreal, Canada, and his whole essence as a musician is infectious. He pours his heart & soul into his performances. You see him lost in the music, closing his eyes, waving his head - the same kind of soul-shaking moments at the piano and keys you'd see from Ray Charles.  And that voice man.. soulful, smooth with that ever so slight raspy-ness. Just gorgeous to watch and hear live. 

The night was spontaneous, straying from the set list for moments like Prince's early 80's B-side "How Come U Don't Call Me Anymore" (maybe in response to a fan in the front row who was wearing a Prince shirt, as Leif pointed out). 

As the pandemic decides to subside a bit for now, it's intimate live moments like this I'm so glad to have back - a chance to stand 20 feet from a great musician, watching it happen in the moment. 

Leif's song "Transatlantic Flight" is one that resonates most with me.  I captured it all here.. enjoy.

February 05, 2022

Ribbon of Darkness

 This song has been percolating happily in my headspace for a good month or two now. From a 2003 tribute to Gordon Lightfoot, here's the great Bruce Cockburn with a submlime take on Gord's "Ribbon of Darkness."

January 15, 2022

Jonesey's Tribute to Ronnie Spector

I can't stop watching this tribute to Ronnie Spector from Steve Jones (guitarist for the Sex Pistols, L.A. radio personality). Just beautiful. 

January 03, 2022


Is this the best song of 2021? I can't think of a better one..

August 07, 2021

11 Past the Hour

Another spellbinding few minutes of music, this time courtesy of Irish singer Imelda May. Silky smooth, effortless and beautiful, the tune has a dreamlike, gliding quality that hits me in just the right place.

Imelda hit my radar about 10 years back when I saw her on Later with Jools Holland (singing "Johnny Got a Boom Boom"). At that time she was married to British rockabilly guitarist Darrell Higham, who played a bit with Jeff Beck. She definitely had that retro, throwback vibe at the time. Which leads me also to this question - have you heard Jeff Beck's version of "Lilac Wine," featuring Imelda? Oof.. take the time to listen to it as well.

But I digress. Click Play, close your eyes, and enjoy the beautiful voice of Imelda May (with the sweeping, impressive production of "Budapest" producer Cam Blackwood). 


June 05, 2021

When black midi comes to town

Always a treat to come across multi-talented new bands. black midi are young UK guys in their late teens / early 20’s who sound years ahead of their time. I bought this record after hearing “John L.” once and simply looking at this awesome album cover. Lots to discover here. Lots going on.

“John L” is the first song on this cool KEXP At Home performance. 


November 14, 2020

Jaime Wyatt's Misery and Gin


If you haven’t checked out Amoeba Records’ long running “What’s in my Bag?” series on YouTube, I recommend it. It’s easy to go down the rabbit hole watching different musicians point out their favorite records and films. The Shooter Jennings episode hipped me to Jamie Wyatt’s debut album ‘Felony Blues,’ which Shooter produced. I love it, especially her version of Merle Haggard’s “Misery & Gin” (written by Snuff Garrett and John Durrill) that closes the album. Jaime’s vocal performance, especially in those first two verses, just floors me.

It’s perfection.